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We expect to launch mid-November.

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A buck gets ten you've already heard about AutoResponder Madness (ARM). I first released it back in 2009.

… but if you haven't (seriously?), here's the short 563 word version:

Early adopters — solopreneurs, affiliate marketers and digital product owners — were the first to be exposed to ARM back in 2009, because they were the people on my email list at the time (this first launch was completely "internal").

ARM was a concept I had developed, tweaked and honed myself since 2005, operating as a super-affiliate in verticals such as dog training, World of Warcraft, baby modeling, potty training, language learning, dating (and relationship repair), weight loss, fitness, green energy.

… hell, even penis enlargement (no, seriously — I identified a desperate emotional problem, and people were paying out the wazoo for a solution, which I happily "brokered").

The concept worked for me like magic in every market and niche I entered.

But I didn't know how "transferable" (and easy) the concept was for OTHERS to:

  1. understand (it's very different) and then,
  2. to implement (it requires some work).

Version 1.0 was a 62 page PDF … basically a "braindump" of what I was doing, articulated (roughly) onto "digital paper".

I didn't quite know how people would receive my concepts (because, like I said, it basically went 180 degrees against the "grain" of what everyone else was going and being taught).

… and for that reason I chose to limit version 1.0 to 100 copies only.

October 12th 2009 I offered the 100 copies of AutoResponder Madness as a pre-launch test to a tiny little waiting list of just 218 people.

Then … oh shit!

It sold out in under an hour (53 minutes). Two people slipped in while I was tearing down the order button. It sold for $97 (although it should have been double that).

… with a 46.8% conversion rate :)

Out the gate, those early adopters loved it.

Andy Kudos

I was humbled.

Results started to filter in from those 100 102.

Even when some people half-assed (or screwed up) what I told them to do in the guide, their early results were pretty damn awesome…

Steven Resell

For me, this was validation that my strange concept was indeed "transferable"…

Others could not only understand the concept, but even when they didn't follow all the steps to a tee, they were getting some seriously amazing results.

Abhik Sarkar Kudos

In version 2.0 I spent a lot more time really articulating my concept into something a lot more clear, with diagrams and workflows and most importantly, examples.

Version 2.0 expanded into over 300 pages of pure craziness. At this point the big players in the market were starting to take notice.

JM Kudos

Ryan Deiss purchased ARM in 2010.

Ryan Deiss

By 2012 Digital Marketer had almost completely "integrated" the strategies and methodologies of ARM, into the DNA of their email marketing efforts across all their business units.

Here's two short video snippets from Traffic & Conversion Summit 2012 where Ryan Deiss & Perry Belcher chat about me and what I do with email:

(btw: they were referring to version 2.0 of ARM in these videos, not the latest version.)

Even other monster 8-figure businesses like Mindvalley got hold of ARM, and started to test the concepts and strategies.

They worked so well that Mindvalley now include ARM as part of their new recruitment training program. EVERY employee they hire HAS TO go through ARM. It's a prerequisite.

"I consider ARM required reading for EVERY marketer who works under me. It's brilliant in its simplicity and powerful in terms of the results I've seen."
Vishen Lakhiani, Founder, Mindvalley
Vishen Lakhiani, Founder

Here's Vishen Lakhiani, from Zentrepreneur 2013, where he calls me out:

Today what I teach in ARM is being applied in every imaginable vertical and niche market you can imagine…

From Forex to selling boutique Belgium chocolates. Weight loss to weight gain (yeah, there are actually skinny people who WANT to put on weight). Chiropractors (get more clients and marketing advice) to the triathletes' niche. And even for bloggers.

That said, ARM has really just been exposed to a small segment of savvy online marketers. So there is a chance you've not heard of the name … at least, until now.

Paul Mort Kudos

We're gearing up to release the latest version of ARM in the month of November.

(I don't have an exact ETA yet, which is why you should add yourself to the "early-bird" priority notification list below.)

Just click the button below then add your name and email address to the form to be added to the "early-bird" priority notification list for the latest edition of AutoResponder Madness, due out shortly (probably in limited quantity).

People on the list above will get the opportunity to be exposed to the latest version of ARM before anyone else, and will be "reserved" a guaranteed copy within the launch window.

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Talk more via email, from the comfort of your inbox :)

Andre Chaperon

–André Chaperon

Author of AutoResponder Madness (2005-2014)

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