$77K Affiliate Promo Case Study

Andre's $77K Affiliate Promo Case Study

This is a case study of a promotion I did as an affiliate.

It went well.

I finished in top spot.

I’m certainly not saying that to boast.

Only to demonstrate that it’s possible to do really well promoting affiliate offers (or your own stuff)…

even with a tiny little email list.

As you can see in the image above, I crushed it only promoting to a list of 2,058 people.

The 41 page PDF is everything I did.

It’s all the emails…

It’s the landing pages I built…

But more importantly than just “seeing” what I did, you get a glimpse into WHY I do what I do.

The framing…

The open loops…

… and how I position the offer in a way that removes me from the category of “selling another commodity”.

99% (probably way higher) of affiliates just promote the PRODUCT.

The thing.

The widget.

The “commodity”.

That’s not the most effective way to do business.

A better strategy is to sell the RESULT.

Nik from New South Wales said this in an email to me:

“Repositioning the act of buying, i.e. you don’t get value unless you buy. Brilliant!”

This PDF isn’t about reading what I did, then trying to COPY it verbatim yourself.

This is not a copy-and-paste kinda dealio.

If that’s what you’re after, DON’T BUY.

This isn’t for you.

But if you’re after being EXPOSED something better then just some “copy-and-paste” template.

you’ll love this!

Jared from MaxPersuasion.com said:

“Kick ass pdf – you are giving it away at that price.”


If you want it, click the red button below…

You rock!

–Andre “framing” Chaperon

Andre Chaperon