Lesson #2: Preface to ARM


At the end of this coaching I have written some bonus lessons for you.

They span an entire week. This stuff is as important as hell.

Just wanted to give you the heads up. Something to look forward to.

Preface to ARM

Following ARM strategies presumes that you embrace a certain philosophy — a way of doing business online.

By the end of the ARM training this philosophy will make more sense to you.

But the nutshell of it is this:

It is about delivering REAL VALUE to an audience.

Building a long term relationship with that audience. Your crowd.

It presumes the attitude that you look at everybody who you want to do business with … and decide you’re not going to wait for money to change hands before you start contributing, guiding, counseling, advising and protecting them.

(Reread that paragraph again. Let it sink in.)

Jay Abraham calls this the ‘Strategy of Preeminence’.

Since 2005 I’ve based everything I do in business to be inline with Jay’s philosophy.

It’s the cornerstone of EVERYTHING I do.

The end result is that I create a crowd of followers that will buy my stuff over and over again. (Because I have already earned their trust.)

It creates long term customers.

And this, my friend, is where all the REAL MONEY is at.

[ – – – – – – – CASE IN POINT – – – – – – – ]

On launch day for ARM 2.0, a subscriber
(read: non-customer) asked me this…

RICHIE: Anyway.. I don’t want to miss out
on this but I just saw an email from your bud
Mark Acutt saying to wait as he is offering a

Hhmm.. I do like bonus’s & am sure other
“big dawg” guys will be offering some insane
“goody bags”.

I know you can”t see the future, but your
pretty darn gifted, and I was wondering if
I should wait?

ANDRE: Honestly … I’d suggest wait. I know
I’ll earn less for saying that – but you get
more – and that, to me, is more important.

RICHIE: I honestly don’t know many marketers
that would have answered like you did.. Its
very refreshing to here the truth.

Consider me a customer for life :)

Thanks for the truth!!



A customer for life, eh?

It’s simple things like this. I stepped over
$98 to earn a customer for life.

Truth is – I would happily forgo $98 all day
long to earn customers for life.

But the point it – Jay’s philosophy is at the
core of everything I do.

People are inherently good – and if you treat
them with respect and empathy – you will always
win in the long run.

It all starts here. Even before you learn
all the ARM tricks and strategies.

It starts right here.

You need to understand this.

Everything you do in your business should be
– first and foremost – in your customers’ BEST

I would suggest that you need to make the
decision to embrace this philosophy too.

[ – – – – – – – /CASE IN POINT – – – – – – – ]

This philosophy works for affiliate marketing.

This philosophy works for product owners.

It’s universal & evergreen.

It’s taken me a lot of trial and error (lots of error btw) to translate Jay Abraham’s ‘Strategy of Preeminence’ into what I do.

ARM is your fast-track blueprint.

Your fast-track play book.

ARM is the exact strategies, workflows and blueprints I put into action to build automated income machines.

I’ll be showing you how to leverage technology to almost totally automate these “money machines”.

There is also a super-ninja advanced strategy I’ll reveal to you much later.

I’ve had second thoughts of even including it in this coaching program.

Kidding aside. I could sell just this one advanced strategy for $497. Or $997 if I bulked it up with flashy videos … like the gurus do.

It’s part of this coaching program…

BUT there’ll be a “qualification” process before I reveal this super-advanced strategy to you.

Not everyone will qualify tho.

First you need to earn your “flying wings”, BEFORE you get your special forces SAS stripes.

So enough with the foreplay.

Let’s get cracking…

ARM Leverages Autoresponders HEAVILY

Anybody (read: you) that wants to get a mass audience to take a particular action, can use autoresponders to quickly and easily get the job done.

It’s called leverage. And clever ninja marketers do it well…

No doubt president Barack Obama has a few of these elite-ninjas in his inner-circle.

During the 2008 U.S. presidential election campaign, the Barack Obama camp (in reaction to Sarah Palin’s Republican National Convention speech) sent out an email to a list of 2 million people … and raised $10 MILLION in donations from that SINGLE email, from 130,000 donors.

ONE email.

ONE day.

$10 MILLION bucks.

Not bad for a days work, huh?

Little wonder he won the election. The other guy didn’t stand a chance.

The System

ARM is a system of components that all work together to create an ultra-responsive email list (or lists).

There are two core parts to the system.

Part 1 is what I call a ‘Soap Opera Sequence’. It’s the part circled in RED in the attached PDF.

Part 2 is an instant cash component. It’s circled in GREEN.

Tomorrow we discuss ‘Part 1’.

For now, I’ve attached a PDF of a diagram of what the complete Part 1 & Part 2 looks like.


Study the attached PDF.


Nice and easy.

Be Bold. Make Things Happen.

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